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Affluent Consulting

The needs of the affluent are unique. Whether you’re worried about “ruining” your kids with a large inheritance, or are a business owner trying to increase wealth, RMDC is qualified to consult with you.

Wealth Inheritance Training

Studies have shown most inheritances are quickly exhausted. To help minimize this likelihood, Mr. Day can conduct a 6-lesson course to prepare the next generation to receive and help preserve their financial inheritance. For more in-depth consulting, Mr. Day can create a long-term family structure to formally preserve both valuables and the values that created them. This consulting is best done years or decades before a formal inheritance is passed on.

Business Owner Consulting

If you want to take more time off but don’t want the bottom line to suffer, or, if you just want to grow the bottom line, we can help.

Strategic Business Consulting : Customized consulting strategies designed to help further increase revenue and/or further increase personal time.

Advanced Business Financial Planning: Sophisticated financial modeling of the growth and sale of your business.

Business Financial Planning: Consultation of Buy-Sell Agreements, Business Valuation coordination, Key & General Employee Benefit Analysis and more.

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