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Our 4-Step Investment Process

We work with $250,000+ accounts. To help minimize investing mistakes on large accounts, we’ve created a custom, 4-Step Investment Process.

Step 1: Help Minimize Investment Mistakes and Manage Risk

To help reduce investment risk, a name and purpose is given to each portion of your portfolio. Your portfolio is subdivided within short, medium and long-term time frames, clarifying each portion’s purpose, objective and risk tolerance.

Step 2: Customized, Independent Investment Advice

Rather than use “parent company,” proprietary or commission-based investment products, we carefully select appropriate money manager strategies from across the country to meet your unique needs.

Step 3: Determine Investor Style & Investor Behavior

Do you prefer reducing losses in bad years and lagging returns in up years, or potentially maximizing gains and losses while focusing on the long-term? When markets drop do you sell or buy more? Ryan has the knowledge to help you understand “why” you own each portion of your portfolio.

Step 4: Coordinate

An investment plan must be coordinated with insurance, tax, estate and long-term family and inheritance planning. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional with a Master’s Degree in Financial Services, Mr. Day's education and experience in helping high net worth families could be invaluable.

Asset allocation and diversification neither guarantee a profit nor protect against a loss. Tax, insurance and legal services are not offered through or supervised by Lincoln Investment or Capital Analysts.

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