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Financial Planning Tips for my Kids, by Ryan M. Day, CFP®

Why I wrote this book

  • To provide financial education for both adults and children
  • Speaking engagements focusing on 1-2 concepts

A PDF at about 40 pages, this eBook covers many of the topics I use in my practice as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional. It can be easily downloaded onto a mobile device, read in about two hours, and referenced as needed.

What does the eBook cover?

  • Chapter 1: Success & Planning Your Financial Life
  • Chapter 2: Spend Less Than You Make
  • Chapter 3: Business Ownership & the Ideal Lifestyle
  • Chapter 4: Date a Potential Spouse, Family Life, Saving & Debt
  • Chapter 5: The Purchase Price is the Beginning Price…not the Final Price
  • Chapter 6: A Foundation of Disability & Life Insurance
  • Chapter 7: Investing Part 1—Who to Work With
  • Chapter 8: Investing Part 2—Laying Foundations
  • Chapter 9: Investing Part 3—Overcoming Emotional Investing
  • Chapter 10: Smart Home Ownership
  • Chapter 11: Basic Estate Planning
  • Chapter 12: Be Realistic
  • Bonus: Success Notes & Further Quotes

How to Get Your Free eBook

Just call Ryan Day direct at 801-787-5148 or fill out the form below to request your free eBook. Your information is only used for me to personally follow-up and get your thoughts. I hope you find it useful!

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